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Welcome to the
Iowa Churches of Christ
mailing list!

Why are we doing this?

The idea for this service came into being right around the time of Pray Over Iowa in 1999. Each year at this great event, we share news from congregations around the state. This is one of the many great benefits of coming together each year.

It occurred to me that we could share this news without waiting all year for everyone to get together! This service was started to meet that need.

We often send flyers or letters to share news of gospel meetings, youth rallies, Ladies Days, Pray Over Iowa, Sing Over Iowa, etc. News of these events can now be quickly and freely shared among all the churches in Iowa by sending a e-mail message to a single e-mail address!

Just think of the encouragement and support that can come from sharing news like this among all the churches in Iowa!

How to send a message

You can now send a message to every Christian who is subscribed to this service by addressing it to this e-mail address:

The list server takes care of addressing your message to each member of this group. It's that simple!

Guidelines for messages

The guidelines for use of this service are very simple. The following are examples of appropriate uses of this service. This list is not exhaustive, but is a start.

  1. Any event sponsored by a congregation of the Lord's Church in Iowa may be sent. Youth Rallies, campaigns, gospel meetings, work days, good things being done by your congregation.
  2. Reqeusts for help from other brothers and sisters are welcome. Let's all pull together in our quest to serve our Lord!
  3. Items related to Midwest Bible Camp are definitely welcome.
  4. Information of a web page sponsored by your congregation.

The following types of messages will NOT be permitted:

  1. Forwarded articles of a general spiritual nature, but not specifically related to the church in Iowa are not appropriate for this list. There are too many of these to be included here.
  2. Urgent calls to action related to virus alerts or other hoaxes should not be posted here.
  3. Jokes
  4. In short, items not related to the Church of Christ in Iowa should not be posted.

There's more...

If you are interested, there are more ways you can use this service. By signing up at the web site with your e-mail address, and choosing a password, members can also gain access to archives of all previous messages, the membership list, and other features. Signing up is simple, and is necessary so that only members of the group can gain access to this information. You can read the instructions for registering at the following address:

After you have followed these instructions, you should then have address to all information on the Iowa Churches of Christ pages at Yahoo Groups. If you still have questions, feel free to send me any questions you have.

Membership Directory

We send out the list of members, including name, e-mail address, and city of residence, or of your congregation - on a monthly basis. If you wish for your name to be withheld from this list, please send a message to the list moderator's e-mail address given below. Otherwise, it will be included. This list is not available to anyone who is not a member of the Church in Iowa. You can view this list at:

Contact Information

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or the name of a member of the church who wishes to subscribe to this group, send a message the list moderator:

Dan Bailey

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